Poland is Beautiful | A Visit to the Japanese Garden in Wroclaw

Another little vlog from my time spent in a beautiful city of Wroclaw in Poland.

I went to Szczytnicki Park and the most beautiful Japanese Garden which is located within Szczytnicki Park.

The Japanese Garden was designed by the Japanese gardener, Mankichi Arai for the occasion of the 1913 Global Exhibition. During the 1997 flood, the Japanese Garden was destroyed. But, then it was beautifully rebuilt.

I was told that the best season to visit the Japanese Garden is durung summertime and springtime. I visited this beautiful place in autumn and it was absolutely breathtaking. Autumn is also a great season for visiting the Japanese Garden.

I highly recommend a visit to both, Szczytnicki Park and the Japanese Garden. If you are travelling during wintertime, please just check if the Japanese Garden is open.

I hope you will find this little video comforting and relaxing.

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