Prague Diaries | The Klementinum Library, Astronomical Tower and The Old Town

Klementinum Library in Prague

Another video from my recent trip to Prague. One morning I went for a walk around The Old Town and I visited the majestic Klementinum Library also known as the National Baroque Library of the Czech Republic which was built in 1722 by Kilián Ignác Dienzenhofer.

The bookshelves in the Klementinum Library are made of dark wood and lined with spiralling colonnades topped with gold leaf. The library holds the collection of 20,000 books. The Klementinum complex is situated just a few meters from the Charles Bridge and can be visited only on a guided and non-guided tour. You cannot enter the library but you can admire it from its entrance. The Klementinum Library is a must if you are ever in Prague.

As I had a just a few hours left in Prague on that day I decided to roam around and explore the hidden passageways of the Old Town. In the video I kept more street sounds as asked by some of you when watching the previous one. It was quite windy on that day so unfortunately the string wind can be heard in the video. Also, I am sorry for my heavy breathing 😛 in some parts of the video. I tried to mask it with some background music so I hope it’s not too annoying. I am not sure what happened there but I guess the combination of travelling across four countries in four days, tiredness, hot and windy weather did not help me much.

Anyways, I hope you will enjoy this little video of Prague and you will be able to visit it one day.

Wishing you a peaceful day ahead!

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