London Moments | Walk around Hampstead Heath and Visit to the 19th Century Cemetery in East London

I hope you all are doing well. I recently went for a peaceful walk around Hampstead Heath in North London. I love taking nature walks to find a way for me to stop, to breathe, to seek out the wondrous moments in the present. This is a form of therapy for me. I hope you will find this little video below peaceful and comforting.

Also, I am sharing below a small piece of East London bliss with you.

One of the places I love visiting is the old cemetery located just a few minutes away from the place where I live. Roaming those old paths remind me of the importance of slowness, away from worry and stress, hurrying less, and reflecting more.

The cemetery was established in the 19th century and there are many graves from that period as well as from the 1914-1918, the time of the WWI. You might be able to notice a little red poppy on some of the graves – these are the ones where the young men who participated in that war are buried. Most of them were only 20 years old.

I often find solace in this place especially during the times of anxiety. It reminds me of the world outside my own and helps me feel centred.

I hope you will find it comforting.

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