Poland is Beautiful | Evening Walk in Kazimierz, The Old Jewish Quarter | Krakow

I hope you all are well. Wishing you a very peaceful start of the week! I am sending you a lot of hugs!

Just a little comforting video for you which I hope will provide you with many moments of calmness.

In September I visited a beautiful city of Krakow in Poland where I stayed at a wonderful place called Oberza located in The Old Jewish Quarter of Krakow, Kazimierz in 25 Miodowa Street.

I can’t express how much I loved my stay in Krakow. I also visited an amazing city of Wrocław in Poland. I will post more videos about it soon.

This video I made on one of my evening walks around Kazimierz. It is such an atmospheric place filled with many beautiful cafes and restaurants offering so much variety when it comes to cuisine.

I am a huge fan of the Polish specialty called Pierogi so I ate too much of those 😜. Also, in Kazimierz you will find a place called Okraglak which sells another Polish specialty called Zapiekanka. I had this thing too and I loved it!

I would not be myself if I didn’t recommend you a literary cafe offering lovely meals, a great cup of coffee or tea where you will be surrounded by infinite shelves filled with books. This place is called CYTAT CAFE and is located in Miodowa Street. You can see the interior of this cafe towards the end of my video. You can find more details about this lovely cafe on their website: https://www.cytatcafe.pl/

All these beautiful streets, buildings, so much history related to the Jewish communities – it is a wonderful place to visit! There are many old synagogues in Kazimierz that you can visit during daytime.

I feel so rested after my stay in Krakow and I am in awe of what I have seen there. People are lovely, extremely helpful, everyone seems to speak a few foreign languages. It is such a gorgeous place!

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