North Korea Like Nowhere Else by Lindsey Miller | Book Review

North Korea Like Nowhere Else is a photographic exploration of the life in North Korea from the unique perspective of the Westerner living in the capital city of Pyongyang between 2017 and 2019.

Through a series of evocative as well as informative stories, anecdotes and captivating photos accompanied by the author’s very sensitive, insightful and respectful observations of people, their interactions and emotions, the reader is offered a glimpse into the everyday life of the North Koreans who have now lived under one of the most oppressive totalitarian communist regimes for many decades. The author, Lindsey Miller, is unbelievably emphatic, aware, humble, responsible and respectful observer of everyday life in North Korea.

This is not a book on geopolitics, but rather an attempt to present the humanity of the (North) Korean people. This book is a very touching and so badly needed tribute to the people of North Korea.

I must say that I have been deeply moved by the narrative and photos of this book. I was born in Eastern Europe during the time of the communist regime, in many aspects resembling the one in North Korea, especially when it comes to people’s behaviour. Many countries of Eastern Europe are now democratic but it took many decades for them to recover and that past seems like science-fiction.

Reading North Korea Like Nowhere Else really made my heart heavy with sorrow. I do hope that in my lifetime I will see people of North Korea enjoying basic freedoms that most of us have the access to.

I can’t recommend this book highly enough. I would like to thank September Publishing  for this wonderful gifted copy which I will definitely cherish for a long time and thank you for publishing this beautiful book with focus on North Korea. I am in awe of this publication.

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  1. Alas, I have never visited North Korea. The closest I have been is that village and factory in the DMZ where they used to keep trying to fly a higher flag! Sounds an interesting book!

    1. Wow… You have been pretty close to North Korea 🌹how fascinating! The book is really interesting. The photos and observations included are so compelling. 🌹🌹🌹🌹

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