The Readers’ Room by Antoine Laurain | Book Review

“Marcel Proust, Iike all writers of genius, had succeeded – and he more than any other – in this transmutation which is the very essence of literature: a spirit and soul embodied in a rectangle of bound paper, living on after them.”

“The Readers’ Room” by Antoine Laurain

This little mystery book serves as a vehicle to escape the current reality of uncertainty. It is a beautiful and overwhelmingly charming piece of writing combining mystery, murder, love, intrigue and ode to literature and writers.

There is this profound tenderness to Laurain’s writing which allows the reader to plunge into the reality of wonder and nostalgia.

The main protagonist, Violaine Lepage, an editor at a Parisian publishing house receives a manuscript of a crime novel titled “Sugar Flowers” which she finds mesmerising and decides to publish the novel. However, she is unsure of the identity of its author. One day, a police inspector, Sophie, pays Violaine a visit as she is investigating a number of murders which resemble those portrayed in the book. I will not share more details as I don’t want to spoil the plot for those who have not read “The Readers’ Room” yet.

This book is infused with many literary treats such as references to Patrick Modiano, Marcel Proust, Georges Simenon and many others. So, I am sure all the bibliophiles will love it. Especially if you are an aficionado of the French culture, and delicate, elegant and witty writing style, you will enjoy “The Readers’ Room”. If you love reading Patrick Modiano’s books, you will also fall in love with Antoine Laurain’s gentle writing..

If you are in need of a soul-soothing story, I would highly recommend you “The Readers’ Room”.

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